Northern Territory Correctional Industries (NTCI)

About prisoner employment programs

The objective of prisoner employment programs is to reduce reoffending and the associated cost to the Territory community, by getting prisoners into paid employment. There are many benefits to participating businesses, including access to a reliable, trained workforce.  Prisoners gain the skills to seek, gain and retain employment upon release from a correctional centre, and they are taught the importance of work in our society.

Employing prisoners – benefits to your business

Aside from the benefits to the lives of the prisoners and the NT community, employing prisoners can be of significant benefit to a business’ bottom line. Government employment grants are available to eligible businesses and a prisoner workforce is available across the Territory. 
Address skills shortages – utilise a pool of local labour trained to meet your business needs, you can access an extensive, adaptable workforce.
• Effective recruitment – The recruitment of prisoners is supported by NT Correctional Industries (NTCI), and businesses will enjoy reduced recruitment costs. You will be recruiting job ready employees with known employment and personal histories. Quality information is available about recruits, to enable employers to select suitable workers. Prisoners are employed for an initial trial period, during which time you can assess whether the prisoner is suited to your workplace.
• Reliable workers - NTCI has a commitment to work health and safety principles and practice, and prisoners turn up each day, meaning low levels of absenteeism.
• Promote staff development – working alongside prisoners provides your workplace with a community focus, and staff may find supervising and mentoring new employees rewarding.
• Contribute to workplace diversity – employing prisoners will build new business relationships and assists disadvantaged sections of the community.
• Practice social responsibility – employing a prisoner can contribute towards your business’ practice of corporate social responsibility, and change that person’s life – a stable job significantly reduces the likelihood of reoffending. Businesses employing prisoners will also be making a contribution to reducing the cost of crime to the Territory. 

What types of work do prisoners undertake?

Correctional Industry programs within the custodial setting operate in the area of food services, laundry, horticulture, mechanical, textiles, upholstery, metal fabrication, number plate production, screen printing, furniture products, construction, maintenance, packaging and assembly and private sector partnerships.



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To find out more about how NTCI can benefit your business, please contact: Director, Industries and Employment, NTCI phone: 8935 7559 or email: