Northern Territory Correctional Industries (NTCI)

About prisoner employment programs

As part of the holistic approach that is being taken to rehabilitation and reintegration by the department, the objective of prisoner employment programs is to reduce re-offending and the associated costs to the Territory community by engaging prisoners in paid employment. There are many benefits to participating businesses not the least of which is access to a reliable, trained, job ready workforce. Prisoners learn the skills required to gain and maintain employment upon release from a correctional centre and gain first-hand experience of the important contribution that work makes, both to the individual and the broader community.

Employing prisoners – benefits to your business

Aside from the benefits to the lives of prisoners, their families and the NT community, employing prisoners can be of significant benefit to a business “bottom line”. 
  • Address skills shortages- utilise a pool of local, trained labour to meet your business needs and gain access to and extensive adaptable workforce.
  • Effective recruitment- The recruitment of workers for your business is simplified by having a single point of contact at each correctional centre that has a detailed knowledge of each candidates work history, qualifications and personal histories. This knowledge will allow businesses to make faster recruiting decisions. Prisoners may be employed for a trial period whilst a business assesses their suitability for the workplace.
  • Reliable Workers- Engaging with the Sentenced to a job program will deliver workers to your business, on time, every time and when you need them. You can forget the pains of absenteeism on a Friday or a Monday and the flow on effect on your business.
  • Promote staff development- Working alongside prisoners can bring a different perspective to the attitudes of staff with regards prisoners and their value to society. Training and watching a person grow their self-esteem can be an extremely rewarding experience.
  • Contribute to workplace diversity- Employing prisoners will add to the diversity of your workplace. Sadly the majority of the prison cohort is indigenous, happily the majority of participants in the Sentenced to a job program are also indigenous.
  • Practice social responsibility- Not only can your business reap a financial dividend through the employment of a prisoner the social dividend is probably greater. Employing a prisoner can change their life for the better- stable employment is shown to greatly reduce the risk of re-offending. Businesses employing prisoners make an important contribution to reducing the burden that crime places on the NT budget.


What types of work do prisoners undertake?

As part of the Northern Territory Correctional Industries (NTCI) program, prisoners gain skills and accredited training that includes but is not limited to the following: 
  • Food Services      
  • Commercial Laundry operation  
  • Metal Fabrication 
  • Cabinetry, Joinery and furniture manufacture   
  • Textiles      
  • Upholstery   
  • Horticulture
  • Screen printing and multi-media production  
  • Warehousing·      
  • Maintenance and construction     
  • Packaging and assembly  
  • White card
  • Forklift      
  • Elevated work platform  

Sentenced to a Job - Working with Employers Kit


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